All the Words Are Rolling Right Off My Fingertips Now


No, not really. I wish they were. I wish I could sit down here and not stumble over all my anxieties.

This format does lend a slight bit of anonymity, though it seems not quite enough to fend off the sea of irrationality in which my brain enjoys drowning me. I will keep trying though, lest I cease to breathe, in which case—well, it won’t much matter at that point!

Work was scarce again today and I find myself with time on my hands. Last night I was scrolling through the WordPress Reader Discover in my app (I really need to do that more often!) and stumbled upon Bloganuary by way of noticing it repeatedly in titles and tags. I’d never heard of it before. Apparently it began last year.

Way, way, way back when I started my very first blog, there was The Daily Post. It was a WordPress blog that presented (you may have guessed) daily inspiration to encourage writing and frequent posting. Bloggers could use the provided prompts and/or challenges for their own posts, tagging them with DailyPost, PostADay, PostAWeek (whichever was your goal), or PhotoChallenge for the photo challenge. It ran from about 2011 through mid-2018.

It’s actually still up for reference, though no longer updated. But anyone can work their way through the old prompts if they want, since they’re all still there! The Daily Post “Farewell” Post: To the Daily Post Community, Thank You!

Anyway, I realize I’m probably dating myself, but that’s what came to mind when I realized what Bloguanary is/does. It’s kind of similar to The Daily Post, but only runs through the month of January. Cool, huh?

So I’m thinking about hopping in there, even though we’re basically halfway through the month already. I imagine that falls under “it’s never too late to start.”

There were some others I noted but can’t seem to recall at the moment. Perhaps I’ll spend a little more time discovering tonight. It would be nice to find a cozy little subset of the WordPress community to pop a squat with for a bit!

Until next time…

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