Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 17 & 18


Day Seventeen: Describe the happiest day of your life.

There isn’t a single “happiest” day of my life, but in the spirit of Bloganuary I will share one of the happiest days of my life: the day I finally finished my degree.

The road to my degree was a long and twisty one. It didn’t begin the fall after high school graduation. It was supposed to, but I ended up giving up my spot at a school on the opposite end of the state so that I could stay in the area to help take care of and watch over my younger siblings. My mother had passed away the year prior.

I had a couple of false starts at the local community college. By the time I was ready to give it another go, I had already had two children of my own. Through most of their childhood I worked to take classes and earn credits as I was able, with a lot of rest stops and a lot of major changes too. I was getting burnt out all the time and eventually stopped trying. Years passed during which I paid off my first round of student loans.

My own children were teens by then. I decided the time was right to try to finally get it done. I transferred all my accumulated credits and chose to apply them to a liberal arts associate degree, because it was the easiest way to not lose any credits. I took classes part time and finally finished that.

Two years after that I went back again and enrolled in a bachelor program, which I very proudly and happily graduated from summa cum laude in 2021.

Day Eighteen: What’s your favorite meal to cook and/or eat?

Bread. I love making bread and bread-like goodies! I guess I also like eating bread and bread-like goodies, but they aren’t my favorite thing to eat, just to cook–well, to bake.

One of my favorite meals (which I don’t actually have very often) is essentially Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, potato filling, gravy, Texas Roadhouse-style green beans, broccoli and cauliflower cheese casserole… yum!

The whole Thanksgiving spread is a lot heavy for any random day. I do enjoy turkey cutlets with steamed veggies and some mashed potatoes from time to time throughout the year though.

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