Bloganuary 25, 2023: What is a Song or Poem That Speaks to You and Why?


That would probably be my entire “On Repeat” playlist. The past several years have been rough and I’ve been working my way through a lot of stuff: a break up, trying to learn more about myself, rediscovering who I am beyond being a mother…. I’ve always loved songs with relatable lyrics and if they are in anyway empowering, that’s also a big plus.

The topmost repeated songs in my app right now are “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten, “Costume Party” by Lauren Duski, and “All I Know So Far” by P!nk.

Granted, “Fight Song” is probably a bit played out, but it doesn’t matter—it’s forever going to be an anthem for me and I will never not feel the power of it in the depths of my soul. It makes me feel like I can get back out there and do anything. It’s very uplifting and affirming and… empowering.

There were so many times I found myself in my car practically screaming out the lyrics to this, while wiping away the tears from my cheeks and resolving to make it through (whatever the struggle at the time).

It really IS my fight song, my take back my life song, my prove I’m alright song… [phrasing taken from the actual lyrics].

“Costume Party” speaks to me from several places. There’s just the general juxtaposition of who we are inside versus who we have to present ourselves as based upon societal standards and expectations, always feeling not good enough, never being able to feel comfortable in my own skin around other people—am I pretty enough? am I skinny enough? am I smart enough, but not too smart? am I wearing the right clothes? what will they think of me? will they like me? will they hate me?

Masking up to face the world and all its expectations is hard and it really wears a person down. This song usually gives me a little confidence boost when I’m feeling anxious about going somewhere or doing something out in the world with all its critical judgements.

And really, why is it so d*mn hard to not care what other people think or expect of you and just be whoever you are and have that be okay?

“All I Know So Far” is the newest song to find its way to my “On Repeat” playlist. Again, it’s quite empowering—the heart of its messaging is to just be yourself. It’s sort of framed as advice to her daughter, but the advice is just flat out good advice for all of us: life is full of challenges and it’s gonna throw you around sometimes, but keep fighting back and being true to yourself and you’ll make it through. Don’t let them tell you who you are, that’s your decision to make! 💜

Link back: Bloganuary • What is a song or poem that speaks to you and why?

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