Bloganuary 29, 2023: What is Something You Learned Recently?


I’ve been staring at this question for much longer than I would have expected. I’m not sure why. Nary a day goes by when I haven’t learned something, yet my brain is insistent that there is nothing worthy of disclosing in response to today’s prompt.

It (my brain) sorts most stuff I pick up throughout each day into internal folders that are very much akin to junk drawers. Too potentially important for some future date to toss away, but not really needed in the moment. Essentially irrelevant to whatever it is I’m trying to accomplish yet, interesting enough to hold on to just in case. Just in case what? Beats me.

I’m going to chalk this morning’s struggle up to anxiety, I think.

Why am I sharing all this when it doesn’t even answer the question being posed? Because when I made the decision this year to start this blog, I made a conscious commitment to not only seeing it through the year, but to doing so as authentically as possible. This is me. This is who I am. This is how I think. And, in that regard, you’re bound to find me sharing both my battles and (hopefully) my triumphs.

And today’s prompt is posing a bit of a mental battle. I’ve chosen to tackle it like this:

Recently I Learned…

  • That I can make it through an entire month of Bloganuary prompts. 😉 (almost) 29 down, 2 more to go!
  • That perfectionism is a hindrance to just about any and everything I’ve ever tried or wanted to do. It blocks me. It holds me back. It keeps me from growing and learning and living.
  • That I can warm and crisp up a soft tortilla by setting it atop the slots of my toaster. (No one was really expecting this to be a list of solely somber wisdom, were they?)
  • That Amazon Prime Watch Party works in/from the app on my smart TV. I get so frustrated because most of the “watch together” features I’ve come across only work in computer browsers. So, that made me happy!
  • That there is an ongoing epidemic of misplaced/mishandled “Top Secret” documents in this country… it’s a tad worrisome.
  • That attempting to organically grow a Facebook page today is practically an exercise in futility. (Follow me? Please? Posting stuff to myself is the social networking equivalent of talking to myself, and I do that enough already! 😊 AnnMarie.WTF)
  • That healthy adult relationships are the ones based on a consistent and mutual practice of open and honest communication, understanding, and sincerity.
  • That my natural hair color is more of a light brown and less of a blonde than it used to be! I’m actually still processing this one. It’s hard to let go….
  • That it’s important to keep moving forward, even if you have absolutely no idea where it is you’re trying to go. 😉
  • And finally, that sometimes the best way to get something done (like this post, for example) is to just breathe, take it one step at a time, and try to take yourself a little less seriously. 🙃

Link back: Bloganuary • What is something you learned recently?

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