So Much Stuff, So Little Motivation


Sipping my coffee this morning and waiting (impatiently) for work to become available. Yesterday got cut short due to database shortage, which means I’ve fallen two-ish hours behind my target for the week. I am hoping it resolves sooner rather than later.

I could—or probably should—work on tidying things up in the meantime, but I look around at the clutter and feel overwhelmed by the prospect.

Baskets of clean laundry, empty boxes and bags from online orders and quick trips to the little store up the street, less empty boxes and bins from my attempt to clean out and organize my closet a month or so ago…, a chore I deemed a necessary first step to getting the rest done but haven’t managed to advance beyond. I just don’t know what to do with all the stuff.

Oh, and the file boxes. Can’t seem to get myself to sit down and sort through all those papers.

I felt like I threw a lot away during the last round, but clearly it wasn’t enough. Stupid things I’d been pointlessly hanging onto that served no purpose other than to take up space and make me sad whenever I’d run across it while looking for other, much more important and necessary things.

However, many of my books finally made it out of boxes and onto shelves. Some laundry found its way to hangers and a bit more managed to get folded neatly atop the wire shelving in that largely empty and as of yet only partially organized closet.

It’s a fairly decent, maybe even large, walk in closet.

I got distracted feeling like it smelled a bit musty or something in there. Ran up to the little store and picked up a couple of (supposedly) “odor absorbing” deodorizing gel cups, a battery operated scent diffuser, and DampRid. Set that up in there and haven’t done much else since.

Thought it needed some time to work its issues out.

Don’t we all?

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