Someone Tell My Brain it’s Still Sleepytime!


I’ve been awake since 4:17 am this morning. Just cannot seem to get back to sleep. Too much on my mind, I guess. Though not much of it shareable in this public format.

It’s strange though, because I had absolutely no problem falling asleep last night. Brains are quirky. They do as they please. Obviously I’m not speaking from a scientific angle here, just from the foggy place of a person whose brain has decided 4:17 am is a good time to be awake.

I tried unsuccessfully to force myself back to sleep until about 5:30, at which point I gave up, checked my emails, and very quietly brewed a cup of coffee before logging in to write this post. Dare I say that I’ll be beyond tired by bedtime tonight? I do. I dare.

The trash truck is clunking around outside, probably a street or two over. Is it always this loud or is it just because it’s dark and quiet all around me save for the racket of its mechanical arm lifting, dumping, and dropping trash toters one after the other, its repeated squealing brake stops, and whatever other things it does?

My dog heard me, despite my best efforts to be as quiet as possible, and made her way in here expecting it to be breakfast time. I can’t blame her. The first 13 years or so of her life, breakfast time was around 6:30. I’ve been pushing that back to as late as 8 because I’ve been tired and really have no actual need to be awake that early anymore.

Meal times are among her favorite things in life. She’s a foodie to the core. Gets so excited that she can’t seem to contain herself and, despite her bad knees and hips, will still do a very animated happy dance as I walk her bowl to the spot in the kitchen where she eats. She’ll be turning 15 this summer. She’s a good old girl.

She’s since realized that breakfast isn’t coming quite yet and has settled comfortably into her orthopedic bed under my desk. Her soft doggie snores now among the very few sounds I can hear on this relatively still, dark, and quiet early morning. Sleeping is her second favorite thing to do.

They’re actually kind of soothing, her little doggie snores. I try not to think about the day when I’ll no longer hear them because it makes me sad. She really is a good girl. I love her. 💜

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