Candy? Eh, Why Not!


What’s your favorite candy?

Today’s daily prompt brought to us via the Jetpack mobile app and this morning’s inability to think of anything. 😳

A nagging part of my brain really wants me to respond to this prompt with what it perceives as the socially acceptable response from a woman: Candy? Oh, no no no no. I only eat candy on special occasions and during catastrophic life events, but only ever a mouse-sized nibble. Gotta watch the figure, you know?

Screw that. Candy is dandy. Do I have a favorite? Like, a single candy I always choose? Uhm… I’m not sure I do. Everything in my life tends to be mood-related!

I have a weakness for Haribo Goldbears. Please do not get me the honking party size bag! I will not be able to stop savoring their chewy, fruity goodness and I will undoubtedly be sorry about it later when I’m writhing around with a really angry tummy. My favorite flavors are the pineapple and the raspberry, which, as fate would have it, I’ve recently found paired together in a seasonal Valentine’s package. Yes, I bought two bags.

I’m not ashamed (okay, I kind of am a little…) to admit that I’ve also experimented with the drunken bears trend and soaked a whole bag of the (100th Anniversary Edition) pineapple ones in a container filled with Malibu Coconut Rum. Everything I read suggested soaking them overnight, or for around 12 hours or so. I disagree. They need more time than that. Too soon and they end up kind of wet and slimy outside but with tough, overly chewy centers. Not very pleasant. I found them much more palatable after a week or so in the fridge.

That all said, would I say it’s my favorite candy? I’m not willing to make that commitment. Given the wide variety of options in, say, a candy store or something, I’d be much more likely to choose something I don’t tend to come across as often. Maybe a Zagnut. Or a Skor bar. Or a Peanut Butter Meltaway.

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As for the rest of the household, I believe their favorites include Almond Joy, Kinder Bueno, Kit Kat and last but certainly not least (judging by how often they seem to be stocked in the pantry) Reese’s Cups. But the Reese’s are mostly in the various holiday shapes (pumpkins, trees, bats, etc.) and not so much the standard cup shape. I have no idea why. Chocolate to peanut butter ratios maybe? I’m not really a fan of the peanut butter filling texture in those.

So there ya go, much too much information from me about candy! 😜

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