I Should Be Sleeping but I’m Not


I meant to be. Really, I did.

But then I thought Eh, how about reading just a little? Big mistake. Huge.

I was only planning on a chapter or two. Instead, I finished the book.

And it didn’t stop there. After I closed my Kindle and snuggled down to actually go to sleep, my brain suddenly kicked into high gear.

I guess I could have shrugged it off and forced myself to sleep. Hooked myself up with some white noise or subliminal affirmations to help shut my brain down.

But no, I slid myself back up to a semi-seated position, picked the laptop up from my nightstand, and poured three whole pages from my brain into a Word doc.

Maybe three pages doesn’t seem like a whole lot. It’s a lot for me. I didn’t have to painfully drag it out of myself. It flowed, quite effortlessly.

Unfortunately, it was mostly political and won’t be finding a home here. Though it may find a home elsewhere, I’m not sure. Politics, as a topic, is really volatile these days.

I’m keeping this place, this blog, as a sort of peaceful respite.

Sweet dreams, Blogosphere. I’m off to try this sleeping thing again…. 💤

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