The Dreaded Physical


I really dislike annual physical appointments. So much so, that this time I put it off an extra two months. I also kept “forgetting” that I needed to get my fasting bloodwork done.

Driving to the lab first thing in the morning without even a sip of coffee is nightmare level for me. Coffee is one of the very first things I do in the morning to get my eyes open and my brain working! Unfortunately, I am gal who needs that splash of creamer in it. If I could just manage it black, it’d be so much easier!

Plus, I knew full well going in that I was going to hear about the weight I’ve gained this past year. That made me especially anxious about the appointment. There is nothing I dislike more than having my doctor tell me things I already know. Really, you don’t think I noticed that I gained some weight?!

Anyway, so I finally managed to drag myself to the lab for the bloodwork on the morning before my appointment date. Thankfully, results come in quickly these days.

Doc says I’m not getting enough protein. I’m clearly getting enough calories…. I wonder if she’s seen the current pricing for chicken breasts?! We’ve basically cut chicken portions in half at our house, so I guess that makes sense. Like most people, we tend to replace that meat deficit with less healthy (but much cheaper) fillers like pastas and starches. I get it. I do.

So, yeah, good times. 😶 Dietary changes will surely be forthcoming, again. It feels like there’s always something.

OH! But the temps yesterday… in the 60s… in mid-February… AMAZING!

It was so warm, and sunshiny, and just plain happy outside! If it weren’t for all the naked gray trees everywhere reminding me that it is, indeed, still winter, I would have thought we’d jumped right into mid-spring! Bright warm sunshine makes my heart happy and my soul sing. And yes, I get that’s a bit cliché but, it’s the truth!

Today looks like it’s still going to be on the warmer side, though overcast with some rain in the forecast. It’s still way better than freezing temps with snow and ice… but yesterday, yesterday was the stuff of dreams, a sneak peek into the future, timed perfectly as winter weariness begins to peak—a reminder that dark days do end and brighter ones will soon outpace them.


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