The Clocks Have Sprung


and spring is officially right around the corner. The nagging remnants of superstition are begging me not to say this, but it looks as if we (where I live, at least) have made it through the winter with relative ease (knock on wood).

There had been some chatter about a potential upcoming snow dump Monday or Tuesday, but I’m looking at the forecast right now and it is showing negligible snow accumulation. Likely it will be mostly rain or some sort of slushy mess that will quickly resolve.

I’m always grateful for winters that see little snow shovel action! My back is always thankful too!

On the other hand, spring cleaning is looking like it’s going to be a real killer. Trees are in serious need of trimming, the house exterior in serious need of scrubbing/pressure washing, porch steps and decks need some repair and fresh paint… honestly, they’ve all been neglected for the most part in recent years. It’s probably time to start chipping away at getting caught up.

Now that sunrise will be coming a little bit later, maybe I’ll finally manage to drag myself outside for some brisk morning walks again. My favorite time to do that has always been just prior to sunrise–during the blue hour. Which isn’t at all an hour, but the 20-30 minutes it lasts is just the right amount of time for a lap or two around the development, depending of course on how fast or slow I go. The biggest reward being the gift of actively watching the sun rise and the sky morph into all kinds of pretty colors and patterns.

I really do love most things sky. There’s almost always something beautiful and/or interesting up there to admire–colors, cloud formations, the moon in both day and night, stars, and rainbows…

Maybe this year I’ll find my way back to taking some pictures, who knows?

Anyone else feeling a little more upbeat with the impending arrival of spring? What are some of your favorite things about the season? 💜

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