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If you were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, what would it be?

– prompt from the Jetpack Mobile app

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Sweats and tees, sweats and tees! It’s always gonna be sweats and tees for me! 😂

Seriously, I’m a creature of comfort. It’s the end of June in the northeastern US and I’m sitting at my desk in a pair of baggy sweats, an old and heavily worn oversized tee, and a lightweight full-zip sweat jacket. Oh! And my favorite slippers (Skechers BOBS Keepsakes Ice Angel)!

And the saddest part of that might be the fact I’m still occasionally catching a chill. ::shrug:: Beats me. But I do enjoy comfort infinitely more than fashion. So. Much. More.

I’m fortunate, maybe, in that I don’t need to be fashionable for anything I do. That’s a good thing for me because I get very uncomfortable when I’m forced into a situation that requires dressing up—always have.

My second go-to outfit is usually a pair of jeans with a “fancier” V-neck tee (haha), often layered underneath either a flannel, sweater, hoodie, or full-zip jacket, and then a pair of lightweight tennies/canvies. I don’t know whether those are universal terms… tennies are basically just lightweight casual sneakers and canvies are what I call super casual, usually very flat and basic, canvas sneakers.

What can I say? My formative years for style development fell within the era of canvas Keds, shaker sweaters, and tight-rolling your pants just above your ankle. Ankles were sexy and bare. Socks were found absolutely nowhere. 😆

I still hate the feeling of pants flopping around my ankles. Bootcut? Pass. Flare? Pass. Straight leg? Uhm… nah, usually still pass. Full disclosure? I also still like my ankles bare. I will wear cropped length jeans/pants ALL year round. I’ve shoveled snow wearing cropped pants….

Don’t think I’m forgetting that I started this post by mentioning that I’m very often cold—that’s true, I am almost always feeling a chill, but for whatever reason… my ankles are NEVER cold! 😉

Anyway, I also sometimes like boots (still just with jeans). But not the fancy/dressy high-heeled styles of boots. I gravitate more toward low- to moderate-heeled ankle boots, booties, and combat-style boots. Back in the day (you know, when I was much younger), I enjoyed (OK, I loved) some quality leather knee-high boots. Those days are long gone, but at least I’ve still got the memories!

I’m really doing myself absolutely no favors at all being primarily beholden to flat, comfortable shoes. I’m a short gal. I get giddy sometimes when I stand on top of something and realize how nice it is to feel tall(er). But I’m also a balance-challenged, uncoordinated klutz—so to be fair, flats are a much safer choice anyway.

So, yea, if I were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, it would 100% absolutely be sweats and tees. How about you? 💜

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