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Oh, no! Biographical info? Uhhh... gimme a few minutes to think on it...

Woohoo! An Easy One!


If you were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, what would it be?– prompt from the Jetpack Mobile app Disclosure: This post may include affiliate and/or referral links. When you sign up or purchase through these links I may earn a commission or bonus. For more information, please review Disclaimers. Sweats and tees, sweats and tees! It’s always gonna be sweats and tees for...

Reblog: Weird Ways to Make Money As a Writer


Ran across this in the reader this morning. It’s a little bit funny, but also a little bit inspiring/encouraging. 🙂 Enjoy! 💜

My hands were shaking. I was quitting a job with AmeriCorps earlier than planned, and felt like I was back in my last semester of college (minus Pub …
Weird Ways to Make Money As a Writer

Anyone else having issues with Jetpack Social?


Yes, I’m sharing this as a blog post because—well, why not? It’s probably more likely to find its way to fellow WordPress/Jetpack users than other methods. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This post is part gripe/vent and part please help me! LOL I don’t know if anyone else is having (or has had) issues implementing social sharing features via Jetpack on WordPress, but I tried to get it set up a few...

Life Before the Internet?


Maybe fate was on my side two-fold that day. One in that my friend's family had a computer and two in that that computer had a modem and was set up to dial-in to America Online.

K.I.S.S. Off, Short & Simple


Today I was kind of just bopping around the ‘net and, for whatever reason, K.I.S.S. popped into my head. Familiar? Not familiar? It’s the acronym for “Keep It Short and Simple” (also sometimes called “Keep It Simple, Stupid”) and some of my earliest random memories of it feel like they are coming from way back in elementary school. Specifically, as part of the...

Good Morning, Maybe


It’s morning. I don’t know if it’s good, but I’m awake. I have my coffee. ☕ The dogs are fed. 🐕 The sun is shining. 🌞 How is your morning going? What is today? Friday. This week kind of sort of sucked. Tuesday was definitely not a good day. I basically lost my job. The same one I’ve had, in some capacity or another, for the past 10-12-ish years. I sensed it was...

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Oh, no! Biographical info? Uhhh... gimme a few minutes to think on it...


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