Creative endeavors including but not limited to: writing, photography, drawing, painting, artsy-craftsy things, etc. Basically, the place to include whatever comes of whichever direction the Muses choose to send me.

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 19 & 20


Day Nineteen: What color describes your personality and why? Oh, wow! I have no idea. Gray maybe? As in, millions of different shades of? I really don’t know. My favorite color though is purple, specifically a kind of dark, dusty, grayish plummy purple (and shades similar to it) like I have featured on my blog! 😉 Day Twenty: What irritates you about the home you live in? The layout. Okay...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 17 & 18


Day Seventeen: Describe the happiest day of your life. There isn’t a single “happiest” day of my life, but in the spirit of Bloganuary I will share one of the happiest days of my life: the day I finally finished my degree. The road to my degree was a long and twisty one. It didn’t begin the fall after high school graduation. It was supposed to, but I ended up giving up my...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 15 & 16


Day Fifteen: What fear have you conquered? Well, I’m attempting to conquer my fear of sharing my writing by committing to this blog. These Bloganuary questions are helping nudge me along, letting me get a little more comfortable, and definitely helping to establish a more consistent writing habit. Not really sure they are doing much for my general confidence levels yet, but I’m going...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 13 & 14


Day Thirteen: If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it? Okay, so… a billion dollars is more money than I realistically think I would know what to do with! First, I’d probably pay off my kids’ mortgages and any student and/or vehicle loans they may be carrying at the time. If they didn’t each have a home of their own yet, I’d help them get one. Moderate...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 11 & 12


Day Eleven: How do you define success? Success can be many things to many people, and what one defines as successful is not necessarily the same as what another may believe it is. I guess that’s why this Bloganuary question works. I’m not super into materialistic things and have a bit of a disdain for the capitalistic society we’re living in. Success for me is pretty basic. I...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 9 & 10


Day Nine: What is the most memorable gift you have received? Hmm… A book from my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Turner. Which I actually still have in my collection, though very much worn, having been well-loved and repeatedly read. It’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare. It was a “gift” at the end of the school year (which I believe may have been her last...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 7 & 8


Day Seven: Write a short story or poem about rain. Okie doke, off the cuff: Pounding now upon the glass Running down in streams Unrelenting stubborn ass Drowning out the screams Know not what the day may bring For all remain the same Each drop brings a painful sting Her soul consumed by shame Day Eight: How far back in your family tree can you go? Not very. I’ve never really gotten into...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 5 & 6


Day Five: What brings you joy in life? This probably sounds trite, but it is definitely my kids that bring me the most joy in life. I knew from a very early age that I wanted children, so much so that I was already testing out and choosing names in my pre-teen diaries (does anyone still use the word diary or is journal now the wholly accepted term?! I don’t know, but I digress). I’ve...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 3 & 4


This post covers days three and four. Day Three: What is the earliest memory you have? This is really hard because I feel like I have all these mental blocks hiding away most of my childhood memories. Even when people talk about things that happened, I struggle to place or remember it. It’s all either lost or foggy at best. Though I can’t really place the age, I do remember one night...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 1 & 2


I recently found out that Bloganuary is a thing. Not only does it sound kind of fun, but it’s also likely to help me get back into the habit of (somewhat) daily writing. Since I’m starting just about two weeks behind, I’m going to try to wrap up each missed week in its own post with (hopefully) brief responses to each prompt. My responses so far don’t seem brief enough and I’m afraid...

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