“Daily” personal journal. Simplistic, old-school journaling for peace of mind, memory collection, and re-establishment of habitual writing practice. ;-)

K.I.S.S. Off, Short & Simple


Today I was kind of just bopping around the ‘net and, for whatever reason, K.I.S.S. popped into my head. Familiar? Not familiar? It’s the acronym for “Keep It Short and Simple” (also sometimes called “Keep It Simple, Stupid”) and some of my earliest random memories of it feel like they are coming from way back in elementary school. Specifically, as part of the...

Good Morning, Maybe


It’s morning. I don’t know if it’s good, but I’m awake. I have my coffee. ☕ The dogs are fed. 🐕 The sun is shining. 🌞 How is your morning going? What is today? Friday. This week kind of sort of sucked. Tuesday was definitely not a good day. I basically lost my job. The same one I’ve had, in some capacity or another, for the past 10-12-ish years. I sensed it was...

Ahh, the ‘Fun’ of Life with Anxiety


I have anxiety. Mad anxiety. Mad social anxiety. Not only do I not answer my phone unless I’m expecting a call (and the caller ID verifies that it is, indeed, the call I’m waiting for) or it’s one of my kids or friends (and let’s be honest, at this point in life, they all know to text first and call in emergency situations only), but I abhor making phone calls. This makes...

Mosh Pit Mornings


Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like there are a gazillion ideas dancing around in your head? Not gracefully dancing, but some sort of chaotic energized dance that has them all randomly jumping around, arms flailing, bouncing off the walls of your skull? A mosh pit. In your brain. A lot of my mornings are like that. It can last anywhere from the first few seconds after waking to a...

Ah, the Island Life…


There’s nothing quite like it. How’s everyone doing out there? It’s been a while, I know. I’ve been dodging reality in my down time lately by disappearing into the cute and relaxing island life of a certain low-key video game. Please note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Did you already guess what I was talking about? Yes, that’s right. I...

Battle in my Brain


All of my mornings begin in much the same way. I attempt to ignore the alarm by incorporating it into whatever dream sequence may be ongoing, I raise my arm and open one eye just enough to make out the alarm notice on the face of my watch, I curse the alarm and tap “stop” before drawing my arm back beneath the covers. Then I lie there for a few more moments processing the reality of...

The Clocks Have Sprung


and spring is officially right around the corner. The nagging remnants of superstition are begging me not to say this, but it looks as if we (where I live, at least) have made it through the winter with relative ease (knock on wood). There had been some chatter about a potential upcoming snow dump Monday or Tuesday, but I’m looking at the forecast right now and it is showing negligible snow...

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