“Daily” personal journal. Simplistic, old-school journaling for peace of mind, memory collection, and re-establishment of habitual writing practice. ;-)

Wednesday Morning Ramble


Ah, yes, Wednesday. The middle of what may have been a short week for many. Anyone else feel like the days just keep slipping quickly away? Work was a little light yesterday. It seems to be a January trend. I used that time for a brief store run and stopped at Wawa (Oh, I love Wawa!) to even out/top off the air in my tires. The low tire warning light was on Monday evening and the most convenient...

A Little Sunday Morning Ramble


I’m already feeling like I’m fighting a losing battle trying to catch up with Bloganuary. I got four days done yesterday (in two posts: Days 1 & 2 and Days 3 & 4). At some point today I hope to get days 5, 6, 7 & 8 done. We’ll see how it goes. At the moment I am waiting for the load of laundry in the dryer to finish and for the memory diagnostic on the desktop pc to...

All the Words Are Rolling Right Off My Fingertips Now


No, not really. I wish they were. I wish I could sit down here and not stumble over all my anxieties. This format does lend a slight bit of anonymity, though it seems not quite enough to fend off the sea of irrationality in which my brain enjoys drowning me. I will keep trying though, lest I cease to breathe, in which case—well, it won’t much matter at that point! Work was scarce again...

So Much Stuff, So Little Motivation


Sipping my coffee this morning and waiting (impatiently) for work to become available. Yesterday got cut short due to database shortage, which means I’ve fallen two-ish hours behind my target for the week. I am hoping it resolves sooner rather than later. I could—or probably should—work on tidying things up in the meantime, but I look around at the clutter and feel overwhelmed by the...

A Dreary January Morning


Feeling a bit down today. Monday Blues? Maybe. Winter Blues? Could be that. Some days are just meh aka Moody Blues? Most likely the winner here. So far the only things I’ve ticked off today’s todo are feed the dogs and sip the coffee. The coffee’s cold. I’m not really sure how exactly I manage to distract myself from coffee sipping long enough for it to get cold and not...

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