Bloganuary 26, 2023: What Language Do You Wish You Could Speak?


This one is easy, except there are two languages I wish I could speak fluently: Spanish and ASL (American Sign Language).

Despite taking two years of Spanish in high school, I never made it to fluency levels. Part of that was lack of opportunity to use it regularly. I think that’s one of the most important things to do when trying to learn another language.

At this point, I can remember a sentence or two, a few random words, and how to count (and the counting is probably more attributable to early years with Sesame Street than to the classes that I took!).

I also think it’s best to start much younger than high school. That’s probably why a lot of schools offer languages earlier now than they did when I was in school—some start in elementary school levels. I know that my kids had opportunities available to them beginning in upper elementary (grade 4 and up).

When I was just a little girl, I remember my step-mother having this very big illustrated dictionary of ASL. Beautifully illustrated. I have blips of memories from some of my weekends visiting there, sitting on the full wave water bed they had, running my fingers over the soft plushness of their vellux blanket, while trying to emulate the illustrations for alphabet letters and some words and phrases with her.

In fact, I’m still able to sign the entire alphabet. Maybe I can expand on that if I put in the time and practice, both for Spanish and ASL—probably just one at a time though!

I’ve dabbled a bit with Duolingo (free version only) in the past, but I always struggle to stick with it. Perhaps I’ll try again or… does anyone have any suggestions for good language learning products that are reasonably affordable? (Free is always my favorite price! 😉)

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