Creative endeavors including but not limited to: writing, photography, drawing, painting, artsy-craftsy things, etc. Basically, the place to include whatever comes of whichever direction the Muses choose to send me.

Woohoo! An Easy One!


If you were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, what would it be?– prompt from the Jetpack Mobile app Disclosure: This post may include affiliate and/or referral links. When you sign up or purchase through these links I may earn a commission or bonus. For more information, please review Disclaimers. Sweats and tees, sweats and tees! It’s always gonna be sweats and tees for...

Reblog: Weird Ways to Make Money As a Writer


Ran across this in the reader this morning. It’s a little bit funny, but also a little bit inspiring/encouraging. 🙂 Enjoy! 💜

My hands were shaking. I was quitting a job with AmeriCorps earlier than planned, and felt like I was back in my last semester of college (minus Pub …
Weird Ways to Make Money As a Writer

Life Before the Internet?


Maybe fate was on my side two-fold that day. One in that my friend's family had a computer and two in that that computer had a modem and was set up to dial-in to America Online.

Prompt: Voting


Do you vote in political elections? This is a hot-button topic for me in most instances, but I’m going to keep it short and simple for this blog. I’m in the U.S. and yes, I do vote in our political elections. I think everyone who is eligible to vote should strive to be duly informed on the candidates and issues at hand and then vote. That extends to both local and national elections...



Another short and basic poem born of thoughts about... well, pretty much *everything* going on in the world around us.



A very short and basic poem born of thoughts about... well, pretty much *everything* going on in the world around us.

It’s a Love-Hate Thing


How do you use social media? Ah, yes, social media. I think just about everyone has some kind of love-hate relationship with it. Mine dates all the way back to the early 2000s with the likes of Friendster and MySpace. Yes, I’m that old. I was slow to the take when most of the social media platforms began emerging and quickly evolving. Too busy raising babies and juggling life, not really...

Candy? Eh, Why Not!


What’s your favorite candy? Today’s daily prompt brought to us via the Jetpack mobile app and this morning’s inability to think of anything. 😳 A nagging part of my brain really wants me to respond to this prompt with what it perceives as the socially acceptable response from a woman: Candy? Oh, no no no no. I only eat candy on special occasions and during catastrophic life...

Story Snippet: Marked for Failure


Tina spun around mid-stride and caught my eyes square with her own. “Really?” Her voice was thick with exasperated disbelief.  This wasn’t the first time I’d disappointed her and it likely wouldn’t be the last. No matter how hard I tried, how much I wanted to do better, to be better, it always seemed to end up the same way. Every single time frightened me to the core. Would this be the final...

Is it Feb-you-ary or Fe-brew-ary?


It turns out that according to good ol’ Merriam-Webster both pronunciations are correct, though dropping the R definitely seems more common. Source: This little nugget of knowledge was inspired by the following meme that popped up in my feed this morning: Creator: Unknown. And also by my brain’s reaction, which was: Okay but, Fe-BREW-ary. Invest in coffee. Pour...

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