Blogging/Writing Prompts & Challenges. This includes those I’ve participated in and/or responded to, as well as any I may proffer and/or host. 🙃

Woohoo! An Easy One!


If you were forced to wear one outfit over and over again, what would it be?– prompt from the Jetpack Mobile app Disclosure: This post may include affiliate and/or referral links. When you sign up or purchase through these links I may earn a commission or bonus. For more information, please review Disclaimers. Sweats and tees, sweats and tees! It’s always gonna be sweats and tees for...

Life Before the Internet?


Maybe fate was on my side two-fold that day. One in that my friend's family had a computer and two in that that computer had a modem and was set up to dial-in to America Online.

Prompt: Voting


Do you vote in political elections? This is a hot-button topic for me in most instances, but I’m going to keep it short and simple for this blog. I’m in the U.S. and yes, I do vote in our political elections. I think everyone who is eligible to vote should strive to be duly informed on the candidates and issues at hand and then vote. That extends to both local and national elections...

It’s a Love-Hate Thing


How do you use social media? Ah, yes, social media. I think just about everyone has some kind of love-hate relationship with it. Mine dates all the way back to the early 2000s with the likes of Friendster and MySpace. Yes, I’m that old. I was slow to the take when most of the social media platforms began emerging and quickly evolving. Too busy raising babies and juggling life, not really...

Candy? Eh, Why Not!


What’s your favorite candy? Today’s daily prompt brought to us via the Jetpack mobile app and this morning’s inability to think of anything. 😳 A nagging part of my brain really wants me to respond to this prompt with what it perceives as the socially acceptable response from a woman: Candy? Oh, no no no no. I only eat candy on special occasions and during catastrophic life...

Bloganuary 31, 2023: Where is the Best Place to Watch the Sunset Near You?


Well, we’ve made it. This is the final prompt of Bloganuary 2023. It’s been fun—even if a little anxiety triggering at times—and I’m glad I decided to hop in there and give it a whirl, but I’m also happy it’s ending. The pressure of daily posting was starting to stress me out and I was overthinking the prompts a bit. Will I do it again next year if it’s...

Bloganuary 30, 2023: What Would You Title the Chapters of Your Autobiography?


Oh my goodness! My initial reaction to reading today’s prompt was pure, stifling horror. I’m fairly sure my jaw dropped a bit and my eyes opened wide despite having not yet been caffeinated, though no one was around to confirm. It felt like my face was speaking volumes. Then I remembered this punny “oughtobiography” meme and relaxed a bit (really need to work more on that...

Bloganuary 29, 2023: What is Something You Learned Recently?


I’ve been staring at this question for much longer than I would have expected. I’m not sure why. Nary a day goes by when I haven’t learned something, yet my brain is insistent that there is nothing worthy of disclosing in response to today’s prompt. It (my brain) sorts most stuff I pick up throughout each day into internal folders that are very much akin to junk drawers...

Bloganuary 28, 2023: Describe Your Perfect Birthday Cake


Mmmm… cake. 🤤 Nothing puts the happy in birthday quite like cake! It’s chocolate. Definitely. Dark and rich and decadent. Two beautiful 8″ rounds baked to delectable perfection. They have just the right amount of spongy spring-back when you tap your fingers on them to check if they’re cooled enough. There’s an amazing lightly sweetened whipped peanut butter frosting...

Bloganuary 27, 2023: What are the Pros and Cons of Procrastination?


This morning’s Bloganuary prompt is an interesting one. Most people are likely inclined to only view procrastination as a negative thing, yet the prompt asks for both the pros and cons. It kind of forces one to think outside the box—beyond standard societal norms and expectations. I like that. I’m not sure there is much to say about the cons. The negative connotations of...

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