Bloganuary 30, 2023: What Would You Title the Chapters of Your Autobiography?


Oh my goodness! My initial reaction to reading today’s prompt was pure, stifling horror. I’m fairly sure my jaw dropped a bit and my eyes opened wide despite having not yet been caffeinated, though no one was around to confirm. It felt like my face was speaking volumes.

Then I remembered this punny “oughtobiography” meme and relaxed a bit (really need to work more on that taking myself less seriously thing — it’s just a prompt, there’s no firing squad or anything), fetched my coffee and sat down to give it some thought.

I knew this meme would come in handy someday! 😆 Source: Reddit
  • Part One
    • Chapter 1: And So It Begins
    • Chapter 2: Crazy Train
    • Chapter 3: The Dead Bird
  • Part Two
    • Chapter 4: Out of the Pot
    • Chapter 5: Into the Fire
    • Chapter 6: Try, Try Again
  • Part Three
    • Chapter 7: Treading Water
    • Chapter 8: Falling Deep
    • Chapter 9: Psych 101
  • Part Four
    • Chapter 10: Out Here on My Own
    • Chapter 11: Is There Life Out There?
    • Chapter 12: The Rest is Unwritten

As expected, this was a very hard prompt. So hard, that I forgot to ever hit “Publish” 😳

Link back: Bloganuary • What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

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