K.I.S.S. Off, Short & Simple


Today I was kind of just bopping around the ‘net and, for whatever reason, K.I.S.S. popped into my head. Familiar? Not familiar? It’s the acronym for “Keep It Short and Simple” (also sometimes called “Keep It Simple, Stupid”) and some of my earliest random memories of it feel like they are coming from way back in elementary school. Specifically, as part of the...

I Should Be Sleeping but I’m Not


I meant to be. Really, I did. But then I thought Eh, how about reading just a little? Big mistake. Huge. I was only planning on a chapter or two. Instead, I finished the book. And it didn’t stop there. After I closed my Kindle and snuggled down to actually go to sleep, my brain suddenly kicked into high gear. I guess I could have shrugged it off and forced myself to sleep. Hooked myself up with...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 21 & 22


Yay! I did it! I got all caught up! This post marks my final Bloganuary Catch Up post. The next Bloganuary prompt I respond to will finally be right on time and all by its lonesome! 🎉 I hope it doesn’t get lonely without a little buddy post… Day Twenty-One: Who is your favorite author and why? There are so, so many talented and fabulous authors out there that I enjoy reading, but I...

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