Just Me and My Dog on This Sunday Morning


It’s Sunday morning. My coffee is lukewarm. It’s cool outside, but not cold. Warm enough that my senior dog opts to plop down in the corner of the deck, rest her nose on the bottom railing, and stare off into the distance. I’m not sure what she can see. She will be 15 this summer. Her eyes are hazed over. When she was a bit younger, this was the spot from which she’d wait...

Bloganuary 29, 2023: What is Something You Learned Recently?


I’ve been staring at this question for much longer than I would have expected. I’m not sure why. Nary a day goes by when I haven’t learned something, yet my brain is insistent that there is nothing worthy of disclosing in response to today’s prompt. It (my brain) sorts most stuff I pick up throughout each day into internal folders that are very much akin to junk drawers...

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