Ahh, the ‘Fun’ of Life with Anxiety


I have anxiety. Mad anxiety. Mad social anxiety. Not only do I not answer my phone unless I’m expecting a call (and the caller ID verifies that it is, indeed, the call I’m waiting for) or it’s one of my kids or friends (and let’s be honest, at this point in life, they all know to text first and call in emergency situations only), but I abhor making phone calls. This makes...

Mosh Pit Mornings


Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like there are a gazillion ideas dancing around in your head? Not gracefully dancing, but some sort of chaotic energized dance that has them all randomly jumping around, arms flailing, bouncing off the walls of your skull? A mosh pit. In your brain. A lot of my mornings are like that. It can last anywhere from the first few seconds after waking to a...

Battle in my Brain


All of my mornings begin in much the same way. I attempt to ignore the alarm by incorporating it into whatever dream sequence may be ongoing, I raise my arm and open one eye just enough to make out the alarm notice on the face of my watch, I curse the alarm and tap “stop” before drawing my arm back beneath the covers. Then I lie there for a few more moments processing the reality of...

Someone Tell My Brain it’s Still Sleepytime!


I’ve been awake since 4:17 am this morning. Just cannot seem to get back to sleep. Too much on my mind, I guess. Though not much of it shareable in this public format. It’s strange though, because I had absolutely no problem falling asleep last night. Brains are quirky. They do as they please. Obviously I’m not speaking from a scientific angle here, just from the foggy place of...

Another Morning, Another Coffee


I reluctantly slid out of bed this morning after having only snoozed my alarm five times. I wasn’t really ready to start my day yet and was feeling quite unrefreshed. Despite how tired I was, I was definitely way more tired of it repeatedly waking me up every nine minutes! It wore me down. Alarm 1, sleeping in 0. My favorite coffee mug didn’t make it into the dishwasher yesterday, so...

I Miss the Sun


Saturday morning. I hoped to be up on the early side today, like I somehow managed to yesterday. But I stayed up too late. And I also left my watch on the charger last night, so it got to ding-ding-ding forever on the other side of the room until I finally heard it and got up. The doggoes have since been fed and let out, and are now once again happily curled up peacefully slumbering in the living...

A Dreary January Morning


Feeling a bit down today. Monday Blues? Maybe. Winter Blues? Could be that. Some days are just meh aka Moody Blues? Most likely the winner here. So far the only things I’ve ticked off today’s todo are feed the dogs and sip the coffee. The coffee’s cold. I’m not really sure how exactly I manage to distract myself from coffee sipping long enough for it to get cold and not...

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