Anyone else having issues with Jetpack Social?


Yes, I’m sharing this as a blog post because—well, why not? It’s probably more likely to find its way to fellow WordPress/Jetpack users than other methods. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This post is part gripe/vent and part please help me! LOL I don’t know if anyone else is having (or has had) issues implementing social sharing features via Jetpack on WordPress, but I tried to get it set up a few...

WordPress App vs Jetpack App: Why is This Even a Thing?!


Spent some time poking around in the mobile app recently. I made the switch from the WordPress app to the Jetpack app, though I really don’t see any functional differences and am not sure I get the point of there being two separate apps. But the WordPress app kept prompting me to switch. I have to say, that I find the WordPress app icon much more pleasing to look at than the Jetpack...

All the Words Are Rolling Right Off My Fingertips Now


No, not really. I wish they were. I wish I could sit down here and not stumble over all my anxieties. This format does lend a slight bit of anonymity, though it seems not quite enough to fend off the sea of irrationality in which my brain enjoys drowning me. I will keep trying though, lest I cease to breathe, in which case—well, it won’t much matter at that point! Work was scarce again...

Hello, World!


It’s been sixteen gazillion years and WordPress is still nudging everyone along with the starter “Hello world!” micro post. Ah, well, I’m just gonna roll with it! I have no idea what I’m doing here. Seriously, I saw an opportunity to get the .wtf domain extension and I jumped on it! Why?!? Well, because I’ve been using the online moniker AnnMarie.WTF (or some derivative thereof) for quite...

About me

Oh, no! Biographical info? Uhhh... gimme a few minutes to think on it...


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