I Miss the Sun


Saturday morning. I hoped to be up on the early side today, like I somehow managed to yesterday. But I stayed up too late. And I also left my watch on the charger last night, so it got to ding-ding-ding forever on the other side of the room until I finally heard it and got up. The doggoes have since been fed and let out, and are now once again happily curled up peacefully slumbering in the living...

Bloganuary 2023 Catch Up: Days 3 & 4


This post covers days three and four. Day Three: What is the earliest memory you have? This is really hard because I feel like I have all these mental blocks hiding away most of my childhood memories. Even when people talk about things that happened, I struggle to place or remember it. It’s all either lost or foggy at best. Though I can’t really place the age, I do remember one night...

About me

Oh, no! Biographical info? Uhhh... gimme a few minutes to think on it...


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