WordPress App vs Jetpack App: Why is This Even a Thing?!


Spent some time poking around in the mobile app recently. I made the switch from the WordPress app to the Jetpack app, though I really don’t see any functional differences and am not sure I get the point of there being two separate apps. But the WordPress app kept prompting me to switch.

I have to say, that I find the WordPress app icon much more pleasing to look at than the Jetpack one–even with the option of styling/coloring them the same. I miss that WordPress W on my phone’s home screen. That bookish-font-styled W has got to be one of my all-time favorite icons. It stands out and reminds me that it’s all about words–read some words, write some words. My little word dealer, always there with its Pssst… hey, I’ve got some words for you and I really think you’re gonna like ’em!

Also not a fan of all the green everywhere in the Jetpack version. It’s one of my least favorite colors. I might switch it back based on that reasoning alone and just suck it up with the annoying and pushy Jetpack app notices. I don’t know. The blues in the original app were much more soothing and calming. The green just irritates me and puts me in a foul mood.

Anyway, during that process I realized there was an option to schedule posting reminders in the app. Why didn’t I notice that before? I don’t really like writing in the app itself (either of them)–it’s a clunky and unreliable experience. I don’t know if that’s because I have the block editor turned on?

Regardless, I prefer writing on either the laptop or the desktop (mostly the desktop!). It’s just more screen real estate, which I find makes editing and accessing tools and block types much easier. Not to mention that I’m really partial to the feel and sound of an actual keyboard (I’m a mechanical clicky board gal!). It’s just so much more motivating.

What I will use the app for (in regard to actual writing) is to grab a thought or an idea on the fly when it pops into my head. It’s also good for lounging around and scrolling through the Reader to catch up on other blogs I’m following and finding new bloggers to check out in the Discover tab.

Speaking of the Discover tab, anyone else feel like it doesn’t refresh often enough to actually help you discover new stuff? It seems like it keeps showing me the same things I’ve already read and already even liked… maybe I’m doing it wrong?! Even when I force refresh it I still end up with mostly the same posts.

Do you all use the mobile app? What are your thoughts on it? Any suggestions for getting a more diverse variety of posts in my Discover feed?



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  • I’m super confused by the need for both apps. It makes no sense at all. And yes! I don’t understand why the Discover tab only seems to show me new things about once a week. It doesn’t help me at all to find new blogs to follow.

    • Hi Bridgette! After writing this post I stumbled upon (and I wish I could remember where…) some articles explaining differences between them that are planned for future implementation. I still don’t get why Jetpack rolled out their app while it was essentially identical though!

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