Anyone else having issues with Jetpack Social?


Yes, I’m sharing this as a blog post because—well, why not? It’s probably more likely to find its way to fellow WordPress/Jetpack users than other methods. 🤷🏻‍♀️

This post is part gripe/vent and part please help me! LOL

I don’t know if anyone else is having (or has had) issues implementing social sharing features via Jetpack on WordPress, but I tried to get it set up a few months back and ran into problems and had to turn off the feature and disconnect my social accounts. Today I tried again and am still having issues. You may have noticed a “New Post” email go out about a Father’s Day post that was NOT published, it was only scheduled for publishing. I’m not even sure if the scheduling actually saved properly because after hitting “Schedule” it popped up a JSON error. The post is still showing as “draft” on my end with date of last activity as the date I wanted it scheduled to post. I have no idea why that happened (the email notification, but also, the JSON error) and I’m honestly super annoyed about it.

Thankfully, it didn’t also push out to my social accounts today, but I’m just really frustrated with the whole thing. I guess I need to just give up and turn it back off. It really shouldn’t be this complicated though, should it?!

When I tried setting it up a few months ago it caused a JSON error when trying to save post drafts. After Google-searching that a bit, I got around it be reverting to using WordPress classic editor. That started to annoy me, so I turned off Jetpack Social (previously aka as “publicize”) altogether and, after a couple update cycles, went back to using the WordPress block editor (sans Jetpack’s Social/publicize feature).

I’m afraid to test it now using WordPress classic editor because I don’t want to send out another spoofy new post email for a post that doesn’t exist on the live end of the site. Plus, I don’t really want to do all my posts in classic editor. Sometimes there are things I want to do that I need to do in block editor.

So, I guess my questions to my fellow WordPress-ers out there are:

  • Jetpack Overall – love it or hate it?
  • Jetpack Social – worth the hassle or just forget about it and do it all manually? (Specifically, the feature that pushes out new posts to your connected social media accounts.)
  • JSON Errors – anyone else running into similar problems and, if so, were you able to identify and/or correct the issue?

I really don’t want to wipe everything out and try to start with a fresh install and new database. I’d probably sooner just give up the idea altogether and post individually to each social media account I may want to share a post on, but I was looking to automate just a teeny bit to save myself a little time. There just never seem to be enough hours in a day to do *everything* I want and/or need to do, but I guess that’s life, eh?

(Oh, and the dashboard keeps showing a badge indicating I have a plugin update available, but when I go to the updates page there are none listed. Good times!)


[This post was written in the WP classic editor.]

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