Mosh Pit Mornings


Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like there are a gazillion ideas dancing around in your head? Not gracefully dancing, but some sort of chaotic energized dance that has them all randomly jumping around, arms flailing, bouncing off the walls of your skull? A mosh pit. In your brain.

A lot of my mornings are like that. It can last anywhere from the first few seconds after waking to a half hour or so. Some people may think that’s an awesome thing, I mean, ideas! Yay! But it’s so chaotic and varied that it usually becomes more of a hindrance than a help.

I’ve found no successful method to manage it, as of yet, that results in any level of productivity. It’s frustrating.

I wish it was more of a slow-motion dance. That there was time to identify and evaluate each one, find the one or ones that showed the most promise, and drag them out onto either a page in my notebook or the nearest screen. That would be awesome!

Anyway, my point was, do any of you find yourself dealing with a similar phenomenon? And, if so, have you found any good ways to calm things down and make it work for you? I am honestly and wholeheartedly looking for some suggestions to try. ☺

In Other News

It seems I may be on the hunt for a new job. I’m a bit trepidatious about it. I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for a decade or so now, and change is scary. Starting over is scary. Adapting to new expectations is scary. Discerning between legitimate and scammy job postings is scary. It’s just all scary! 😆

I can laugh about it in part because I know a lot of that is fueled by my anxiety, though not all of it is technically irrational. But I also think that it really comes down to a severity scale. At a base level, most of these fears are valid and understandable. The anxiety though, well, it takes those valid fears and magnifies them about a thousand times. It blows them way out of proportion.

A lot of managing anxiety, for me, ends up being me trying to talk myself down, bring those valid fears back into view at their base levels. It’s like deflating a balloon but without having it let loose and go flying haphazardly all over the place. It needs to be done in a very deliberate and controlled fashion.

Sometimes I have the fortitude and energy to successfully deflate an entire bunch of balloons. Other times I find that I can maybe deflate only one or two of them. Sometimes one or two is just enough to keep me grounded, other times it’s not. But this is life, and everything is a lesson. 💜

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