Good Morning, Maybe


It’s morning.

I don’t know if it’s good, but I’m awake. I have my coffee. ☕ The dogs are fed. 🐕 The sun is shining. 🌞 How is your morning going?

What is today? Friday.

This week kind of sort of sucked. Tuesday was definitely not a good day. I basically lost my job. The same one I’ve had, in some capacity or another, for the past 10-12-ish years. I sensed it was coming (my post two weeks ago about job hunting), so it was not a complete surprise, but I’m sad and frustrated and worried nonetheless.

I cried a lot Tuesday and, of course, the following day my eyes were all sore, puffy, and swollen. My head was throbbing and my sinuses were screaming. I took Wednesday to try to recover from all of that by trying to relax and upping my water intake. Then worked a bit on re-centering before hitting the job postings again on Thursday.

Today I find myself toying with the idea of consolidating some of my online stuff. I started this blog with a wholly personal vibe to it and planned to keep it that way. I have another on which the focus is primarily political. I just seem to feel really stifled by trying to maintain clear separation. While politics today are extremely divisive, it just kind of feels like political topics have such a huge impact on life, life’s philosophies, and general culture overall that it just keeps getting harder and harder to be prolific while trying to pretend to exist in a sort of bubble.

So, I’m not really sure what I want to do. And further to that point, I’m also not sure *where* I want to do it if I do decide to do it.

Consolidating is not likely to prove financially beneficial. My budget wouldn’t really change at all. But I think perhaps the impact on mental space and energy *might* prove ultimately beneficial, though it would also remove a layer of veiled anonymity. Sometimes I find that to be a benefit in its own rite.

I should probably think about it more thoroughly before making any rash decisions. Out of curiosity, has anyone else found themselves in a similar situation? Where they’ve left bits and pieces of themselves all over the place and at some point later come to realize that all that compartmentalization has just become absolutely and completely exhausting?

Anyway, I guess I’m off to see what opportunities have been posted since yesterday… I hope you all have a fabulous Friday! 💜

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